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Recovery Planning Business

Why we developed this service

Every business has been impacted to some extent by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want to ensure all businesses recover from the pandemic as strongly as possible.

  • Do you want certainty about your new minimum weekly viable sales level to survive?
  • Do you want to combine your expertise with ours to maximise opportunities and minimise vulnerabilities and risks?
  • Would you like to reduce the cash flow strain on your business?
  • Do you want clarity on the support and finance needed for your business at this challenging time?

A Business Recovery Planning session requires you to reconsider all aspects of your business to ensure its best chance of recovery. We'll work with you to develop a concise Business Recovery Plan and clarify the future direction of your business. 

We'll help you revise your personal and business's budget, maximise support entitlements, set goals for each department, apply for bank finance (if needed) and ensure you feel supported throughout this recovery period.

Who should have a Business Recovery Planning session

All businesses should plan their recovery from this crisis. It's crucial to review your business's initial response and assess the true impact so you can identify risks, strategies to mitigate them, and potential opportunities.

What is involved

We have two options available.  The Business Recovery Planning session will be held online.

  1. Business Recovery Planning.  We'll help you to develop your Business Recovery Plan, identifying your biggest risks and opportunities, setting clear goals and actions and consolidating what needs to be done into a concise plan. You'll complete pre-work prior to the session, allowing for an in-depth operational review.
  2. Business Recovery Planning and Finance Application. As well as creating a concise Business Recovery Plan, we'll complete your 12-month Cashflow Forecast, prepare your finance application and submit this to your financier. 

When should I have a session

The sooner you develop a plan, the sooner your business can start to recover.