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Farm Accounting Specialists

Living and working in Northland, we have a great deal of experience with the unique needs of the agriculture sector.

Our Farm + programme is comprised of three steps, with each step building on the previous. The programme provides added value to farmers in the form of cash-flow monitoring, accounting compliance, budgeting and strategic planning.

We will work with you to identify tax planning opportunities and assist you with structuring your affairs to best meet your needs, both now and in the future. 


Regular cashflow monitoring and annual compliance needs met.           

  • Xero costs and account monitoring
  • 2 monthly farm Cashflow Reports
  • GST Preparation
  • Annual farm financial statements
  • Annual farm and personal Income Tax
  • Annual Meeting
  • Phone & email support for processing and cashflow queries

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Look forward:
plan your budget and cashflow

  • Monitor PLUS:
  • Xero monitoring
  • Budget and Cashflow
  • Key Performance Indicator reports
  • Regular provisional tax reviews
  • 4-monthly catch-up meeting on Skype

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Plan for Growth