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Samantha Hawke

Samantha Hawke

Client Service Administrator - Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 09) 4027 926

Professional Experience

Sam joined our PKF Family in May 2017, with previous experience in the hospitality industry and working at the local supermarkets. Fun fact, Sam came 3rd in the 2015 checkout operator of the year competition.

Sam is passionate about the Bay of Islands community, being a fourth generation Paihia local, growing up on a farm just out of Paihia. Sam is especially passionate about the local bowling club where she is part of the committee.

Sam and her partner purchased a small lawn mowing business in August 2019 so she knows about hard work, both physically and mentally.

Sam had developed a strong relationship with clients and manages the marketing and events at PKF Bay of Islands.

Sam had a short break in 2021 from PKF to welcome her first child.  

When Sam is not in the office you can find her on the bowling green, walking, or spending time with her young family.

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