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Cathy Joyce

Cathy Joyce

Client Manager
Tel: 09) 4027 926

Professional Experience

Cathy joined the PKF team in May 2019 after returning from living in Australia for 10 years with her husband Gavin, to be with her two daughters, who both live in Auckland.

Cathy has experience as an accountant in both commercial entities and accounting practices as well as running a tax practice in Auckland for 9 years before moving abroad.

Having run a manufacturing business in the print industry with her husband Gavin, Cathy understands the problems and pressures of running a business.

Cathy now enjoys the slow pace of the Bay of Islands and assists with accounting for the family kiwifruit business.

When Cathy isn’t in the office or out in the orchard you’ll find her reading, hiking, boating, out at the local beaches or exploring. Cathy also enjoys travelling in both New Zealand and overseas.

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