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Ann-Maree Kingi

Ann-Maree Kingi

Tel: 027 462 7203

Professional Experience

Ann-Maree has moved from an Accountant to an Associate before becoming a Director in October 2019. Ann-Maree brings a wealth of experience in business management and coaching skills to her valued clients.

Originally from Auckland, Ann-Maree has worked with a varied client base over the last two decades and is dedicated to helping businesses grow.  

Her passion for business systems and analysis stems from previously working at NZTA where she evolved her skill base to include mapping, organizational review, and streamlining business processes. This area of expertise allows her to coach and guide current clients in the right direction to ensure they are maximizing their business potential. 

Professional qualifications and memberships include: 

  • Bachelor of Business – Accounting and Management Double Major
  • Chartered Accountant with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

Prior to becoming an accountant Ann-Maree worked in hospitality, managing several restaurants while studying, and was the former Treasurer of the Papakura Rugby Club Inc – a club she still actively supports.

Now a mother and Bay of Islands local, she continues to use her skill base to assist not only her clients but voluntary organisations including St John BOI where she is the current Treasurer.

Aside from accounting, Ann-Maree enjoys community activities, photography, boxing, and spending time with her family. 

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