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Articles • 2022-05-11

PKF signs global partnership with Xero

We believe this partnership will empower our network’s advisors with the right data and insights to help their clients make more informed decisions for their business and, ultimately, underpin one of our network’s core values - quality.
Like us, Xero has a people-first approach, is values-driven and shares our ambition to help our members provide quality, insights-driven solutions to small businesses across the globe.

Theo Vermaak, Chief Executive Officer at PKF International, said, “Our aim is to deliver a bespoke cloud accounting solution, leveraging technology while getting closer to our clients and their businesses. We’ve seen fantastic results implementing Xero in some regions already and we look forward to building on this past success and supporting our members to further digitise their practices and their services. As a future-focused network, we see this collaboration as a natural next step to deepen our relationship with Xero and work together at a global and local level to realise our common goals.”

David Bell, Executive General Manager Partner Sales at Xero, said, “This partnership builds upon many years working locally with PKF member firms and we’re delighted to take this next step together to enable more impactful outcomes for small businesses. There is real momentum happening in the accounting industry with global firms like PKF looking to enhance their services and connect more with their clients and each other. Xero’s cloud-based platform opens up opportunities for PKF advisors to drive proactive conversations with clients and help them make insight-led decisions.”

PKF member firms who participate in the global partnership will get access to a range of benefits that provide them with specialised support from Xero. Xero will develop tailored resources and education for PKF advisors to help them gain a deep understanding of the benefits of cloud accounting and communicate these to their clients.

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